Review Course Section Quiz 10

SQ10.1 Calculate the minimum exit stairway width for a 100 ft x 250 ft, 2-story office building with one exit stair located at each end of the building (2 total)
SQ10.2 What is the maximum common path of egress travel distance in a Group R-2 building equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system?
SQ10.3 The maximum allowable force to set an egress door in motion is:
SQ10.4 The International Building Code allows stated occupant loads to be increased in certain situations. The limit to any increased occupant load is _____ ft2 per occupant.
SQ10.5 Exit sign placement shall be such that no point in an exit access corridor or exit passageway is more than __________ or the listed viewing distance for the sign, whichever is less, from the nearest visible exit sign.

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