Review Course Section Quiz 09

SQ9.1   A 16-bed group home for residents with mild mental disabilities and who receive personal care would be classified:
SQ9.2   What is the maximum size (sq.ft.) allowed for a school designed as construction type IIIA built above grade?
SQ9.3   Exposed heavy timber roof beams are required to have what flame spread index:
SQ9.4   For the purposes of determining the correct SFRM thickness, calculate the W/D ratio for a W36x135 wide flange beam supporting a concrete slab above.

Beam 5
SQ9.5   Determine the maximum number of 4ft x 4ft operable windows that can be installed in a 12ft x 50ft exterior wall of a sprinklered Group A building situated 9ft-3in from an adjacent building.

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