Review Course Section Quiz 07

SQ7.1   What is the maximum makeup air velocity allowed where the makeup air could potentially come into contact with the fire plume?
SQ7.2   Calculations for a ballroom smoke exhaust system shows an exhaust requirement of 6 air changes per hour. How much air would each of 4 fans be required to exhaust if the ballroom is 100 ft x 70 ft with a 30 ft ceiling?
SQ7.3   Calculate the maximum volumetric flow rate (without plugholing) for an exhaust outlet in a space with the following: Room temperature = 75°F, Smoke layer temperature = 100°F, Exhaust inlets are located in the 30 ft ceiling. The bottom of smoke layer must be maintained at 12 ft above the floor.
SQ7.4   What is the largest door closing device that can be installed on a 3ft x 7ft door if the maximum pressure difference across the door is 0.25” wg? The door latch is 3” from the edge of the door and the maximum code allowed door opening force is 30 lbs.

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