Review Course Section Quiz 06

SQ6.1   A fire alarm circuit pathway that maintains operational capability past a single open fault is designated:
SQ6.2   A fire alarm system where each device within the system is directly wired back to the fire alarm control panel is known as a(n):
SQ6.3   The principle of using a small amount of radioactive material to sense the presence of smoke particles is the basis of a __________ detector.
SQ6.4   What is the maximum time delay allowed before the secondary power supply energizes the fire alarm system in the event of a loss of primary power
SQ6.5   NFPA 72 requires that the following conditions are monitored and displayed when elevators are specifically designated and marked for use by first responders during fires: (I) Availability of main and emergency power to operate the elevator(s), elevator controller(s), and machine room ventilation, (II) Status of the elevator(s), including location within the hoistway, direction of travel, position of landing doors, and whether they are occupied, (III) Temperature and presence of smoke in associated lobbies and machine room.

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