Review Course Section Quiz 04

SQ4.1   A fire within an energized electrical panel caused by a short-circuit would be what classification of fire?
SQ4.2   When evaluating a building’s main water supply piping (for fire protection) which of the following is not critical:
SQ4.3   Hydraulic calculations provide a verifiable analysis of: (I) water delivery requirements, (II) available water supply, (III) the piping system
SQ4.4   The second most common sprinkler system type is:
SQ4.5   A fire hydrant flow test has the following readings: Static pressure = 81 psi, Residual pressure = 67 psi, Pitot tube reading = 27 psi, Fire hydrant butt diameter = 2½”, Coefficient of discharge = 0.90. If a residual pressure of 35 psi is required during sprinkler operation, what is the available water flow?

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