Review Course Section Quiz 03

SQ3.1     When evaluating fire situations, which of the following is not one of the primary variables influencing the initial evaluation?
SQ3.2     Which of the 4 stages of a fire (Incipient, Growth, Fully Developed, Decay) is typically of the longest time duration?
SQ3.3     The column of hot gas and combustion products rising above a fire is known as a fire plume. The cooler air surrounding the plume is drawn into the plume by a process known as __________.
SQ3.4     In a stoichiometric reaction where the fuel and oxygen are completely consumed, what two substances are formed?
SQ3.5     Under ideal conditions, a stoichiometric reaction that is lean (an excess of oxygen) has an equivalence ratio (the parameter relating a mixture proportion to stoichiometry):

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